As researchers across the many and varied fields which comprise ‘neurosciences’, we appreciate how important it is to have an in-depth knowledge of the therapy area under investigation.

Tackling neurosciences with conviction and understanding

There is a huge diversity across the varied neurosciences. To help us achieve the right objectives for the many exciting and challenging brand and communication tasks we receive, we classify and tackle neuroscience projects under four different headings: The CNS; Psychology and Psychiatry; The Peripheral Nervous System; and Neuro-oncology and we carefully design our studies accordingly.

Such a targeted approach offers and delivers key advantages, such as the right team with the right expertise to understand the difference between well-developed pharmaceutical fields, such as epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, versus fields like Alzheimer’s, where drugs have barely scratched the surface of the disease or its treatment.

Coupling our knowledge of neurobiochemistry with an overlapping, strong track record of researching ‘Rare Diseases’, our Neurosciences Group is the ideal team to help pharmaceutical companies in this broad arena.

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