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Immunology is a saturated marketplace requiring clever positioning strategies.

This is exactly the kind of challenge we love.

Immunology insight-led brand development

How we can help you

Advances in immunology treatments are – undoubtedly – good news for sufferers, with more patients being successfully treated.

But this poses challenges for pharmaceutical companies as the marketplace becomes crowded. This is particularly true in the area of rheumatoid arthritis. With an experienced team of immunology brand experts and researchers, we understand your market. If you need insights and guidance to develop clever positioning strategies, we’re on hand to provide it.

Project examples

Recent projects have included positioning, route-to-market, segmentation, market understanding, detail aid testing and message testing for Asthma, AIDS, Dermatitis and allergies.

Ambition, creativity and energy for optimal segmentation

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Ambition, creativity and energy for optimal segmentation
There are three guiding principles that should underlie successful market segmentation, and therefore the success of a pharma brand. Phil Dunn explains the process.