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With our wealth of knowledge and experience in ophthalmology, we’re more than capable of supporting your brands throughout their product life-cycle.

Ophthalmology insight-led brand development

How we can help you

We understand the difficulties of the ophthalmology market 100%, having dealt with them multiple times.

We know the issues that emerge from ever increasing pipeline developments – from injectable glaucoma treatments and hormone based dry-eye therapeutics to the application of antibodies for retinal conditions. Of course, none of this is simple. But, by bringing together the core principles of brand consultancy, specialised research techniques and unique ophthalmology therapy expertise, we’ll give you the insights you need to propel your brand forwards.

Project examples

Recent ophthalmic projects have covered DME, AMD, Dry Eyes, Blepharitis and Glaucoma, with interviews conducted in Hawaii to Guangzhou.

Learning from a successful  ophthalmology brand  launch

Explore our thinking

Learning from a successful ophthalmology brand launch
As pharma markets become more competitive and brands seek successful third-to-market positionings, can learnings from a successful ophthalmology brand launch can be applied to other pharma brands?