Hemophilia and gene therapy: a short introduction (chapter one)

19 September 2018

Hemophilia is a rare, usually inherited, genetic disorder that inhibits the blood’s ability to clot, with types A and B affecting different clotting factors. 2017 UK annual data shows 9,639 people (mostly males) living with hemophilia in total, with 2,295 severe cases. These numbers exclude female carriers who may also have symptoms, and the wider sphere of different family and friends for whom hemophilia impacts.

As THE PLANNING SHOP has a wealth of experience in delivering high quality research in anti-coagulation and hemophilia, we have produced a series of useful and insightful infographics and animations relating to gene therapy and hemophilia.

Chapter one – ‘Gene therapy: a short introduction’ – can be viewed by clicking on the green ‘Download’ button below.

THE PLANNING SHOP is also the proud sponsor of the HEMOPHILIA TALKSHOP – a Facebook community comprising 20,000 members. This is a non-commercial venture as part of our corporate social responsibility to the hemophilia community.