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Make intangibles understandable with BrandExperienceAudit™.

The problem

Soft values or intangibles are notoriously difficult to evaluate, yet they provide critical differentiators between brands. Many research techniques fall short, leaving clients unsure what action to take when, for example, their brand is projected as an iPhone or similar premium brand.

The solution

BrandExperienceAudit™ is a technique which makes intangibles understandable. It gives them meaningful values which brand management can use in their strategy.

How does it work? By assessing answers from the full repertoire of respondents’ senses. It reads and evaluates how respondents experience a brand through how they see it, how they feel about it, what sounds they associate with it, even what sort of smell it has.

This provides a full sensory picture of how the respondent experiences the brand, giving us a clearer understanding and therefore a more actionable output.