Key opinion leaders

Internationally distinguished experts evaluating your drug’s target product profile or inputting into your clinical trial programme.

Internationally distinguished experts


THE PLANNING SHOP prides itself on offering the very best opinion leader/thought leader research. For us, a key opinion leader leads opinion – and, through his or her work or research, is someone who changes, influences and improves therapy for patients worldwide.

Key Opinion Leaders are key people to know and there are not many of them globally. Despite this THE PLANNING SHOP has repeatedly been able to identify, recruit and speak with them – on behalf of clients – quite often, very quickly indeed.

At THE PLANNING SHOP we do not recommend or use ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ lightly; indeed, we do not offer KOLs for all types of market research. Frankly, KOLs are uninterested in ‘communication’ research or ‘message testing’. However, listening into internationally distinguished experts evaluating your investigational drug’s target product profile or inputting into your clinical trial programme is an excellent and powerful use of arguably the most credible source available to the medical industry.


KOL Mapping Studies: THE PLANNING SHOP also has a number of actionable methodological approaches for mapping KOLs – nationally and/or internationally – according to their influence (as treaters, as trialists, as innovators, etc).


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Might international thought leaders be your best research respondents?

In our latest whitepaper, Stephen Godwin from THE PLANNING SHOP explains who KOLs are, how to find them, the types of research project they are suitable for, and how best to interview them.