New year, new joiners

9 January 2018

Happy New Year to all! We hope you had a good break over the festive period.

We’ve kick started January 2018 with some new joiners at THE PLANNING SHOP. Please join us in welcoming Luana Kaderabek, Rob Rawlinson and Bilal Babar to the fold:

Luana Kaderabek – Senior Research Executive

Luana has a background in Digital Anthropology (MSC at UCL) and experience in trends research, which has provided her with a deep interest in investigating the relationship between people, objects and their cultural context.

Over the past four years she has worked on trends and consumer research projects in telecoms, retail and healthcare. She has also been involved in several different qualitative healthcare projects when working at Bryter, for companies such as Novartis, Takeda and GSK. These projects covered the UK and international markets such as Russia, Latin America and Europe.

Rob Rawlinson

Rob joins THE PLANNING SHOP with a wealth of global market research experience. He was brought up on a diet of communications research, influenced by a blended consumer-healthcare world. In recent years, he has continued to expand his experience to include early asset development and commercialisation. This includes being involved in ‘go-no-go’ decisions for early phase assets through to product launches, re-positioning and biosimilar defence.

Rob’s passion is qualitative patient research, having been involved in setting up and running a patient research division in an earlier life. Beyond patient research alone, his experience spans oncology, immunology, neurology and many rare diseases.

He has a deep interest in understanding how people experience and interact with the environments surrounding them, including the place of brands. And, ultimately, acting as a strategic advisor to translate this into something meaningful for clients.

Rob’s other passion is creativity; both in the research approach and in what he delivers to clients, often advocating a beyond PowerPoint solution such as video, booklets, and infographics.

Rob has a Masters in History and Cultural studies from Royal Holloway, University of London.

Bilal Babar,
Associate Director – Statistician

Bilal is a statistician methodologist with experience in range of advanced quantitative methodologies. He is skilled in selecting, designing and analysing appropriate quantitative studies. The types of research that excite him most are demand assessment (including a variety of conjoint and trade-off approaches) and segmentations where he has developed many new quantitative offerings in his previous roles in pharmaceutical healthcare research agencies.

Bilal studied statistics and market research in his Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA-hons) degree. Bilal has also completed an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University

He is excited and looking forward to joining THE PLANNING SHOP.

Welcome to THE PLANNING SHOP Luana, Rob and Bilal!