New joiners at THE PLANNING SHOP

8 January 2019

To support the company’s growth both in the UK and the USA, we’re pleased to announce the recruitment of some additional experts at THE PLANNING SHOP. Find out more about our new team members below.

Jemuwem Eno-Amooquaye

Jemuwem joined THE PLANNING SHOP in January 2019 as a Research Executive. Having worked in academic research she has transitioned across to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. She has experience in secondary research as well as qualitative data interviews with patients and KOLs.

Nick Baboolal

Nick joined THE PLANNING SHOP in January 2019 as a Research Executive for the Oncology Business Unit. He brings significant pharmaceutical knowledge and advanced statistical skills to the company. He has also recently completed a Masters in Cancer and Molecular Pathology and Genomics.

Sofia Thoegersen

Sofia has joined THE PLANNING SHOP as a Research Executive. Her experience includes research and data analysis using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and strong project management skills.

Cullen Kain

Cullen joined THE PLANNING SHOP as a Research Manager in December 2018. He brings a vast amount of experience managing a wide array of pharmaceutical market research projects, engaging a breadth of audiences in different geographies and therapy areas, using a variety of research modalities. He uses this experience to develop insightful answers to clients’ key business questions and ultimately improve their brand strategies. Cullen holds a BS/BA from the University of Richmond in French and International Business.

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