At the cutting edge of oncology, combining therapy area expertise with brand and market understanding.

At the cutting edge of oncology

The Oncology Research Group at THE PLANNING SHOP was established ten years ago in response to the growing need for superior market research within oncology to help guide successful branding and communication strategies. As a dedicated and forward-thinking team, we are excited to be a driving force in this evolving arena.

Our dedicated oncology team capitalises on our diverse backgrounds including science, pharmacy, psychology, medical communications, and business, and is comprised of people who are passionate about oncology: we attend oncology conferences including ASCO, ESMO, EHA, and ASH; we keep up-to-date on advances and approvals in oncology so we can better understand what is happening in individual tumours as well as trends across oncology; and we use our knowledge of the space to design research to address our client’s business and research objectives.

We work on many different types of projects spanning product development from inception through launch but always through the lens of what it takes for a brand to be successful. Example projects include: market understanding, patient journey, buying process, TPP assessment, positioning, and message and concept testing.

Make our oncology team the first port of call when building a new oncology brand or strengthening an existing brand.

Add more disease education into oncology marketing communications

Devote more time to helping specialists understand the science behind the drugs