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The problem

Standard research approaches fail to differentiate between the future-thinking minority and the Conservative Majority. Failure to take into account both types of physician can seriously mislead the marketing effort. Don’t ignore what the adoption drivers have to say. They may fall into the minority but their opinion counts for a lot.

The solution

Developing products and brands that will succeed in the future relies on targeting people who are interested in what tomorrow may bring. We call them FUTURETHINKERS℠ and their opinion is a valuable commodity.

FUTURETHINKERS℠ research divides the physician population being researched into FUTURETHINKERS℠ and Conservative Majority, allowing us to identify which products or concepts will generate the fastest adoption. It means we can investigate competitive advantages rather than let the ‘slower moving majority’ crush creativity.

We don’t ignore the views of the Conservative Majority, merely compare and contrast their responses with those of the FUTURETHINKERS℠.