Rare disease research group

A broad range of experience in rare disease research

Rare disease research group

The rare disease research group at THE PLANNING SHOP has experience in a broad range of non-oncological conditions from acromegaly to Von Willebrand disease, hemophilia and several lysosomal storage disorders.

Led by Caroline Mathie, the team works regularly with both HCPs and patients/carers across these varied conditions and uses a range of traditional and newer communication approaches to target these hard-to reach individuals.

We work across all relevant markets and recognise the genetic influence that results in clusters of patients in specific areas, thus allowing us to give appropriate sample advice to our clients.

We have adapted THE PLANNING SHOP’s recognised proprietary techniques to be used in situations where face-to-face or in-venue interviews may not be appropriate, and we always keep the well-being of the patient at the forefront of our minds.

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