Rob Banyard to Cycle to Paris in DMD Dash

29 January 2018

On 8-9 June 2018, Duchenne UK will be hosting the DMD Dash, a charity bike ride from London to Paris.

DMD Dash is one of the signature events in the charity’s calendar, designed to raise money to support the patients, parents and carers who are affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

DMD is the most common fatal genetic disease diagnosed in childhood. The disease almost always affects boys, and they tend to be diagnosed before the age of five. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is classified as a rare disease. There are around 2,500 patients in the UK and an estimated 300,000 sufferers worldwide.

Children born with Duchenne muscular dystrophy have a fault, known as a mutation, on their dystrophin gene, the longest gene in the body. The fault means that they cannot produce dystrophin, a protein that is vital for muscle strength and function. This lack of dystrophin results in a progressive deterioration of muscle strength and function.

As a market research company with a great deal of experience in rare disease research, THE PLANNING SHOP is very supportive of Duchenne UK. Team member, Rob Banyard (Research Manager), who has volunteered to take part in the gruelling 24 hours’ bike ride, is especially supportive.

With dreams of becoming the next winner of the Tour de France, Rob has already started his training, and has so far managed to cycle up to 60 miles in a single session, but still has a long way to go.

If he keeps this up, he’ll be well on the way to helping Duchenne UK raise a large amount of money for the charity (plus he may also decide that Eurostar no longer needs to feature in his future French travel plans!).

In 2017, Duchenne UK raised a huge £1m during the DMD Dash. Let’s hope they exceed this target in 2018.

Adelphi (the parent company of THE PLANNING SHOP) has paid Rob’s entry fee to the race, and has also agreed to match any sum of money that Rob raises, and donate it to Duchenne UK.

Monies that Duchenne UK raise as part of any charitable activity are used to fund research into DMD. Read more about Duchenne UK’s research focus here.

As we travel through the remainder of Winter and into Spring, we’ll keep you posted on Rob’s training progress. We’ll also highlight any other events that Duchenne UK may host.

To sponsor Rob, click here.

Look out for more updates about the DMD Dash in the future.