Thank you to everyone who took part in last year’s TPS annual Season’s Greetings Calendar competition.

We had a great response, receiving 631 entries in total! Amazing!

We’re pleased to announce the winners below (the names of which were drawn from a virtual hat):

R. Abaskharon
K. Van Belle
M. Goller
D. Leonard
H. Yoon
C. Dimitry
D. Glynn
S. Dietterich
S. Morley
C. Van Den Boom

We’ve also listed the answers to each puzzle below:

Day 1: Babylon Health
Day 2: Genealogy
Day 3: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Day 4: Cloud computing
Day 5: Apple
Day 6: Nanobots
Day 7: Social determinants of health
Day 8: Behavioural health disorders
Day 9: Elizabeth Holmes
Day 10: Virgin Coconut Oil
Day 11: Conference of the Parties
Day 12: Vaccine hesitancy
Day 13: Cookies
Day 14: Biohacking
Day 15: Track and Trace
Day 16: The Big Squeeze
Day 17: Inclusive design
Day 18: Supply chain
Day 19: Racial bias
Day 20: David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian
Day 21: Unsustainable inequality
Day 22: Elastic ageing
Day 23: Non-fungible tokens
Day 24: Sustainable health.

Finally, this year we promised to donate $1 to UNICEF for every correct puzzle entry we received. $631 will therefore be making its way to the charity. Thank you for contributing to this worthy cause by taking part.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who got the correct answers throughout December! It was a pleasure to communicate with you in the run up to the Holidays.

Look out for the 2022 calendar later this year.

Our annual Season’s Greetings calendar is back and it starts today! We invite you to participate, and we hope you enjoy it as much this year as in previous years.

How does it work?

Click here to see the calendar, which starts today: December 1, 2021.

In the days leading up to December 24, click on the 24 windows and answer any (or all) of the puzzles for a chance to win one of 10 grand prizes, ranging from luxury food and wine gift baskets to champagne and chocolates.

This year, we’re also raising money for UNICEF. For every correct answer we receive (one entry per person per puzzle), we’ll donate $1 to this important charity.

Our puzzle theme this year is healthcare and humanity trends. All the puzzle types are anagrams, no vowels, and initials, as per previous years.

When you know the answers, email your entries to our Puzzle Team. Do this on the day of each puzzle (i.e., December 1, or December 2 etc.) or retrospectively until December 24.

The puzzle competition closes on Friday, December 24, 2021, at 23.59 (GMT) and is open to clients and contacts of THE PLANNING SHOP.

When we’re all back in January, we’ll draw 10 lucky winners from all the correct entries at random.  While only one entry can be received per puzzle per person, the more puzzles you submit entries for across December, the higher your chance of winning a prize! (T&Cs apply)

The winners and the answers to the puzzles will be announced on our website in January 2022.

Don’t forget to check the calendar every day to maximize your chances of winning a prize! Save the link to your bookmarks or favorites or look for it in the footer of THE PLANNING SHOP website.

Thank you for your support during 2021. We look forward to working with you again in 2022.

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of seven new team members at The Planning Shop bringing a wealth of talent, expertise and a passion for healthcare to our Company.

Meet Helen Cosby, Rakesh Thomas, Natalie Kelleher, Rosie White, Brinda Vyas, Vikas Patel and Josh Tahun.

Helen Cosby

Following a degree in Medical Sciences at the University of Leeds, Helen volunteered in Uganda, teaching sexual health to school children and youth groups. After an early departure due to the pandemic, she continued volunteering for the charity back home in the UK by identifying and reporting coronavirus misinformation online. Helen then began work in a pathology laboratory at a hospital where she prepared blood samples for analysis.

Helen looks forward to working at THE PLANNING SHOP where she can expand on her learnings about disease and drug development.

Outside of the office, Helen stays active playing tennis and running. She has also recently taken up kite surfing on the Essex coast. She loves cooking and baking and can’t wait to get back to travelling when life returns to normal.

Rakesh Thomas

Rakesh joins The Planning Shop a Field Manager, where he will manage projects from start to finish. Over a decade ago, fresh out of the Army, he fell into an entry level client service role at a market research facility and has been hooked ever since!

Throughout his career, Rakesh has facilitated field management of all sorts of studies, from ad hoc focus group projects to studies that ranged across countries and multiple methodologies. He was able to hone his skills at large companies like Ipsos and FPG, managing high level recruits, as well as boutique market research shops like Red Lantern and Zebra Strategies, where he helped brand strategies develop best practices and develop their Operation SOPs.

Rakesh is a lifelong denizen of Yonkers, NY, and volunteers whenever he can for the city. He is also an avid book reader and loves a good night in playing board games and cooking for his family and friends.

Natalie Kelleher

Natalie’s interest in healthcare research started with her BSc in Psychology and MSc in Applied Neuropsychology from Plymouth University and the University of Bristol. Her interest grew whilst she held the position of Medical Communications and Research Officer at Oracle Cancer Trust – a charity which funded research into head and neck cancer.

At The Planning Shop Helen is excited to broaden her research skills and delve into qualitative research.

In her free time, Helen loves to cook, travel, read and take part in outdoor adventure activities.

Rosie White

Rosie is a graduate of the University of Sheffield where she gained a BSc in Biomedical Sciences.

She has joined The Planning Shop after previously holding a position of Customer Solutions Specialist at Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Whilst studying, Rosie was a competitive gymnast at North Leeds Gymnastics Academy and was also the captain of her University team. In her free time, she enjoys travelling and cross-country running, netball and socialising with friends.

Prior to lockdown, Rosie spent her winter 2019/20 ski guiding in the Swiss Alps. After spending 2020 living in Leeds with her three siblings and parents, Rosie is excited to move down to London and explore what the city has to offer.

Brinda Vyas

Brinda attended Benedictine University for her Master of Public Health and MBA, after receiving her BSc in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Brinda has prior research experience from Benedictine University and was previously a Rehabilitation Aide at Athletico Physical Therapy Clinic.

In her free time, Brinda enjoys photography and volunteering.

Vikas Patel

With a love for healthcare, learning and the how’s and why’s of life, Vikas has joined us as a Research Executive. After recently graduating from Rutgers University with a MSc in Biomedical Science, and a BSc in Biology from Temple University, he is eager to begin a career in market research.

Prior to joining The Planning Shop Vikas worked at CRO, working extensively on COVID trials.

In his free time you will find Vikas listening to music, playing sports, on a beach (weather permitting), or hanging out with family and friends.

Joshua Tahan

Josh has joined The Planning Shop as a Research Manager after holding the title of Senior Research Consultant at Study Hall Research where he gained healthcare experience in both quantitative and qualitative research.

Josh attended the University of Tampa for a BSc in Marketing followed by an MBA.

At home, Josh is a father to a wonderful four-year-old and two Dachshunds.

We’re recruiting at The Planning Shop and we have a number of great positions to fill. If you’re looking for any of the following roles, check out our career’s page to find out more:

Press the ‘Check Opportunities’ button for full job details.

We’re pleased to announce two recent team member promotions at The Planning Shop, which is a great start to a New Year!

Leia Bagge promoted to Senior Research Executive

Promotion celebrations at THE PLANNING SHOP: Leia Bagge

Leia joined TPS in 2019 as a Research Executive. Since then she has consistently displayed her dedication to the job, thorough project management skills and quantitative knowledge.

She always searches for new opportunities to develop further, voluntarily taking the lead on client initiatives.

Outside of her core role, she also makes several contributions to the wider company: she is part of the Data Science Team, the Vibes Team and she supports/coaches team members on quantitative project management.

Well done on your promotion Leia!

Nick Baboolal – promoted to Senior Research Executive

Promotion celebrations at THE PLANNING SHOP: Nick Baboolal

Nick joined The Planning Shop as a Research Executive in 2019. He arrived with a can do attitude, great positive energy and a fresh perspective.

Nick is proactive and creative when generating insights. He has also been instrumental in various innovation projects and TPS initiatives.

Nick truly embodies our brand essence, fearlessly pursuing the unthinkable.

Congratulations on your promotion Nick!

Chela has recently joined The Planning Shop as a Commercial Operations Specialist.

Following a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Advertising and Market Research from Temple University, she held roles as a Senior Field Coordinator at Health Strategies Insights, and a Research Associate in Quantitative Field at MarketVision Research.

At THE PLANNING SHOP Chela will support and maintain our MIS as well as manage project related financial information. She will also act as the liaison between the Field, Finance and Operations teams.

Chela’s hometown is Elizabeth City, NC, however she is now local to the Philadelphia, PA area. In her free time, Chela loves to travel and has a goal set to visit every continent.

Please join us in welcoming Chela!

Season's Greetings Calendar Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in last year’s TPS annual Season’s Greetings Calendar competition.

We had a great response, receiving 565 entries in total! Amazing!

We’re pleased to announce the winners below (the names of which were drawn from a virtual hat):

R. Elshazli
A. Alavi
L. Worlein
C. Dimitri
S. Eddington
H. Yoon
K. Fagles
D. Salmon
K. Iftoda

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who got the correct answers throughout December! It was a pleasure to communicate with you in the run up to the Holidays.

Look out for 2021 calendar later this year.

Our annual Season’s Greetings calendar is back and it starts today! We invite you to participate, and we hope you enjoy it as much this year as in previous years.

How does it work?

In the days leading up to 24 December 2020, click on the 24 windows and answer any (or all) of the puzzles for a chance to win one of 10 splendid prizes.

Our puzzle theme this year is healthcare and humanity trends, and there are three types of puzzle: anagrams, no vowels and initials.

When you know the answers, simple email your entries to us. You can do this on the day of the puzzle or retrospectively until December 24 2020.

In the second week of January we’ll draw 10 lucky winners at random from all the entries we receive. Only one entry can be received per puzzle, however the more puzzles you submit entries for across December, the more chances you have of winning a prize (T&Cs apply).

The puzzle competitions close on Thursday 24 December 2020 at 23.59 (GMT) and are open to clients and contacts of The Planning Shop.

The winners, as well as the answers to the puzzles, will be announced on our website in the second week of January 2021.

Don’t forget to check the calendar every day if you enjoy the puzzles!

Thank you for your support during 2020! Here’s to 2021!

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of three new team members at The Planning Shop. Meet Veronica Moore, Dawn Farber and Nicky Kearney!

Welcoming new team members to THE PLANNING SHOP

Veronica Moore
Senior Research Executive

Following a degree in Marketing and Biology at Fairfield University, Connecticut, Veronica joined McCann Echo, as a project manager. During her time there she worked on a variety of brands in different therapy areas. After some time at Echo, Veronica worked in project management at a small firm focused on the recruitment, retention and engagement of patients for clinical trials. She’s now excited to bring her experience to THE PLANNING SHOP and focus on another aspect of the pharmaceutical marketing process, whilst developing her research skills.

Veronica lives in Boston with her boyfriend and puppy, Minot. She enjoys yoga, running, and orange theory fitness. She also loves to spend time with her family, relaxing on a beach and travelling (in a COVID-free world).

Dawn Farber
Research Manager

Dawn has been a market researcher for 20 years, concentrating primarily on quantitative research. She first developed an interest in market research in college at UMASS Dartmouth, when she took a market research class to help a small local business. She became hooked on research, and straight out of college secured her first research job.

Dawn’s experience in market research includes consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical research – always on the supplier side.

For fun, Dawn likes to travel with her husband, nieces and nephews. Favourite places have been Disney World, Hawaii and Aruba. Dawn also likes to read, exercise and knit (we’ll be putting our requests in for blankets, scarves and hats this Winter!). Dawn teaches group fitness classes at the local gym and likes to walk and hike.

Nicky Kearney
Research Director

Nicky has a deep, heartfelt passion for learning about people, and learning from people. This insatiable curiosity has served her work well.

Nicky started her career working in the advertising sales sides of radio, TV and print and then moved into a boutique firm where research, strategy and implementation were all intertwined. While she has worked with clients in the public sector (on projects such as transit for people with disabilities), B2B and B2C (ask her about ice cream in-home use tests!), her love is healthcare in all varieties. In fact, Nicky started volunteering with patients in Recreational Therapy when she was 14, and continued volunteering with her local hospice until a few years ago.

On a personal note, Nicky and her husband care for their moms (both in their late 80’s), foster Boston Terriers and help a family of 16 refugees in their area. They love to cook, attend live music (during non-pandemic times), nap, hike and read… not always in that order.

Welcome to the team Veronica, Dawn and Nicky! It’s great to have you here.

New Joiners at TPS in August and September 2020

We’re excited to announce five new joiners at The Planning Shop who will be working across our UK and US teams. Please join us in welcoming Julia Ingram, Stephanie Seeliger, Paola Gutierrez, Tamara Moubazbaz and Tim Browne!

Find out more about our new team members below. 

Julia Ingram
Senior Research Executive

Julia started her career working at a CRO, where she conducted qualitative research in various therapeutic areas and developed patient-completed questionnaires for use in clinical trials. She then moved directly into the clinical space, supervising research coordinators in oncology trials. Julia is excited to return to the qualitative space and dive into the marketing side of the industry. 

Julia’s interest in healthcare began at Emory University, where she majored in Anthropology and Human Biology and minored in Predictive Health. She is passionate about patient-centered research and bringing the patient perspective to pharmaceutical clients and is thrilled to support these companies as they work to change patient lives.

In her free time, Julia enjoys baking, crocheting, and exploring the theatre and art scene in NYC with her family and friends.

Stephanie Seeliger
Senior Research Executive

You’ll find Stephanie asking a lot of “why” and using a combination of head and heart to seek out the answer. Getting into market research after graduate school, she’s learned the benefit of asking strategic questions and gathering data to better understand human thinking and behaviour.

With previous experience in both qualitative and quantitative research projects for primarily media, CPG and higher education clients, she looks forward to learning about and executing pharmaceutical and healthcare research.

Stephanie’s education background includes a BS in journalism from Suffolk University (Boston, MA) and MS in clinical psychology from Rivier University (Nashua, NH).

She’s currently living in the greater Boston area with her partner and their beagle, Marty. In her spare time, she stays active, with three half marathons under her belt! She also enjoys training of all kinds (spin, lifting, yoga, anything!). To relax, Stephanie paints and occasionally writes or plays music with old friends.

Paola Gutierrez
Senior Research Executive

Paola’s education background includes BAs in Marketing and International Business from Loyola University Chicago and an MBA from the Quinlan School of Business.

Prior to joining TPS, Paola held the position of Executive Researcher at Shapiro + Raj and was a Market Research Intern at Edelman Intelligence.

Driven by curiosity, Paola tries to approach every challenge with fresh eyes and an eager mind. Building on her experience, she is excited to continue helping pharmaceutical companies uncover actionable insights and to keep learning about what drives human behavior and decision making.

While originally from El Paso, Texas, Paola is currently living in Chicago with her partner. During her spare time, she enjoys playing board games, trying out new restaurants, and travelling home to see her family. 

Tamara Moubazbaz
Research Director

Tamara has always been curious about what drives human behaviour, and this curiosity led her to market research 18 years ago after obtaining a Psychology degree. In that time, she has worked in Toronto, New York, Geneva and London. Her career has spanned many sectors, from Healthcare, to CPG, Media, Financial, Tech and Sport. She has also spent a few years on the other side of the business as a client. As a quantie she loves to translate numbers into compelling stories for her clients.

Outside of work, Tamara loves live music, baking and eating. In her pre-pandemic life, she would frequently go to gigs, practice yoga, and check out the latest restaurant openings. These days she is launching a side business of doggie cakes (pupcups), and bonding with her six month old cockapoo Alfie.  

Tim Browne
Head of EU Research

Tim joins us from RAPP Dubai where he was Head of Planning. Recent projects include leading brand positioning development for Marhaba (Emirates Group) and MG in the GCC, which involved running workshops, creating positioning concepts, refining these through qualitative research and proving the lead concept in quantitative research. 

As a research specialist Tim covers both Qualitative and Quantitative techniques. Tim passionately believes in the power of consumer and cultural insights to help solve business problems and uncover business opportunities.

Tim has worked with a number of pharmaceutical companies during his career, including with GSK on respiratory, Leo Pharma on dermatology and Reckitt Benckiser and Pfizer on pain management. He has worked at McCann Health and was a team leader at Millward Brown.