November 2016 brain teaser puzzle

15 November 2016

Welcome to the November 2016 brain teaser puzzle from THE PLANNING SHOP!

Solve the brain teaser below for a chance to win a bottle of champagne.


Two people are taking part in a 100 metres sprint. They both always run at a constant speed, neither speeding up nor slowing down during a race.

At the end of the race, the faster competitor finishes when the slower competitor is still 10 metres behind.

If they rerun the race, but with the faster competitor starting 10 metres further back from the starting line, who will win the race – or will it now be a draw?

Send your answer to us at or fax to 0208 840 1040 before 30 November 2016 to be entered into our monthly draw for a bottle of champagne!

The winner will be announced in the first week of December 2016, when the solution to the puzzle will also be revealed.

Good luck!