New joiners at THE PLANNING SHOP

30 November 2018

Recruitment news at THE PLANNING SHOP

As we’re coming to the end of 2018, we have some good news! To support the company’s growth, both in the UK and the USA, we have recruited a number of pharma and market research experts to join our growing team. Please welcome our latest new members.

Rouba Daher-Mansour

Rouba joined THE PLANNING SHOP in November 2018 as a Senior Research Executive. Her combined experience in operations and research allow her to keep projects running seamlessly. Rouba has experience in both global and domestic pharmaceutical market research and holds a BS/BA in Marketing and International Business from DeSales University.

Patricia Reynolds

Patty joined THE PLANNING SHOP as a Research Manager in 2018. She brings substantial project management experience in domestic and global Market Research Programs within the healthcare industry. She has proficiency managing qualitative and quantitative research across a variety of methodologies and therapeutic areas. Patty enjoys capturing insights and learnings from multiple respondent types including Key Opinion Leaders, community physicians, NP/PAs, pharmacists, lab directors, patients and caregivers.

Meredith Jacobetz

Meredith joins THE PLANNING SHOP as a Research Director with nearly a decade of professional experience in the commercialisation of oncology assets. She has led market research, market access, and medical communications initiatives across most solid and malignant hematologic tumour types. Her passion is distilling complex insights into actionable recommendations to shape brand strategy.

Danielle Gardener

Danielle joins THE PLANNING SHOP as a Research Manager equipped with significant qualitative moderating experience and market research project management of both domestic and global pharmaceutical market research projects. Danielle has interviewed a variety of healthcare practitioners, as well as patients/caregivers in treatment areas such as oncology, diabetes, respiratory conditions, and rare patient diseases. In addition to her market research experience, Danielle also has an educational background in Biological Anthropology (Human Biology) which inspired her to pursue opportunities in clinical and scientific research early in her career. Her well-rounded education and work experiences supply her with unique insights and perspectives.

Welcome aboard Rouba, Meredith, Patty and Danielle!