TEDMED starts tomorrow, and Emily South and Sherry Fox are attending

31 Oct 2017

From 1-3 November, 2017, TEDMED will be taking place in Palm Springs, California, and Emily South (Innovation Director at THE PLANNING SHOP) and Sherry Fox (President, North America operations) will be there.

TEDMED is the health and medicine edition of the world famous TED conference. It focuses on sharing new ideas, centred around what is new and important in health and medicine. The event organisers state:

“We forge partnerships with industry leaders, medical research institutions, think tanks, government agencies and foundations, to ensure that cutting-edge biomedical thinking, innovation in healthcare and large scale global public health opportunities are shared across disciplines and made accessible to the public at large.”

Over 800 delegates will be at the event, from over 100 countries. There will also be 50 speakers talking on a range of subjects from ‘Imagining progress and possibilities for a healthier world’ to ‘Nurturing a future where good health has no limits’.

The event organisers also promise to have ’25 game-changing innovators’, which will please Emily and Sherry, who hope to bring many innovations, insights and extra knowledge back to THE PLANNING SHOP.

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